Worship resources are being created in Mennonite Church Manitoba and beyond. This space hopes to share these locally (in the sense of them being created not just here in Manitoba, rather, that they grow out of worship in a specific time and place) created resources more broadly.

The hope is that you might be able to use these resources in your “locality”. All we ask is that you credit the creator of the resource and if you can, let us here at MCM know whether it was useful for you, and how you used it.

See below for more information on sharing resources, and “permission” info.


  • Marilyn Houser Hamm is a member of Altona Mennonite Church in Altona, Manitoba.
  • Valerie Wiebe is a member of Langham Mennonite Church in Langham, Saskatchewan. She is sharing the title track of her CD, “Fallow Ground”.
  • Phil Campbell-Enns is a member of Bethel Mennonite Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You will find five songs in .mp3 (so you can listen) and .pdf (notation). A few of the songs have piano arrangements written by Meredith Daley and Marilyn Houser Hamm.
  • Camps with Meaning Songs – Staff from our Camping program have written numerous songs… initially for use at summer camp, but most are applicable for congregational use. Note: this link takes you to the Camps with Meaning website. Over 30 songs in .mp3 and .pdf (words and chords) .



Do you create worship resources in a Mennonite setting? Do you know someone who does? We would love to share those resources here. Please contact Darryl Neustaedter Barg to get things rolling.


  • you are free to use these resources for personal and/or congregational use. That’s what they’re here for.
  • actual “ownership” of the music is with the creators, but they’re pleased if their work can be used. If there are specific requirements of use, they will be found with the resource.
  • we would like to ask you to let us know who you are and if you hope to use the music in a church. This helps us determine whether it’s worth continuing to make resources like this available.
  • please send your name, congregation name and how you use the resource to the email address below. We will NOT share this information with any person or organization.