Frohe Botschaft Radio Ministry

a weekly 30 minute radio program in the German language.

contributing to the wealth of community and church life by:

  • teaching the scriptures in the Believer’s Church perspective
  • leading in worship and inspiration
  • communicationg with seniors, shut-ins and those searching the Bible for instruction and nurture
  • communicating with persons whose first language is German.

broadcasting times




CFAM/950 Altona Sunday, 7:30 am
CHSM/1250 Steinbach Sunday, 7:30 am
CJRB/1229 Boissevain Sunday, 7:30 am

Herzlich Willkommen! Hier is Frohe Botschaft, eine Sendung, die von Mennonite Church Manitoba produziert wird.
Unsere Adresse ist: Frohe Botschaft, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 2J1.

These words repeatedly welcome listeners to a half hour German worship service broadcast on three Golden West Radio Stations at 7:30 every Sunday morning. Speakers from various Mennonite churches in the province generously volunteer their time and energy to prepare a series of sermons each month. They record these sermons in the recording studio in the offices of Mennonite Church Manitoba. Music from the MCM music library is added to the program format that always also includes introductory comments, a Scripture reading, a poem and a prayer.

This program is a blessing for many older people for whom the German language represents the church language of their childhood and who find it too difficult to get to church. Other listeners are younger but find this time of worship meaningful as well. Please join us as we listen and respond in our own individual ways to Frohe Botschaft – Good News!

Dorothea Kampen – Program Producer