Vision & Priorities

calling, encouraging and training potential pastors

  • Inviting, discerning and encouraging persons to consider pastoral ministry
  • Promoting a vision for leadership development and training opportunities in our congregations and providing ideas, tools and assistance in carrying out these visions
  • Developing an internship program for potential pastors in congregations; dream: developing “teaching” congregations (parallel to “teaching” hospitals)
  • Working with “Camps With Meaning” at leadership development

encouraging and fostering healthy pastor-congregation relationships

  • Encouraging, establishing and resourcing Pastor-Congregation Relationship Committees in our congregations
  • Resourcing and assisting search committees in preparing for and conducting a pastoral search
    Offering understanding of and guidance and resources for pastoral reviews, evaluations and renewal votes
  • Fostering the importance of sabbaticals, valuable for both pastor and congregation
    Providing or arranging for mediation when necessary

support & ongoing training for pastors

  • Encouraging and strengthening the mentorship program for beginning pastors
  • Planning an introductory/orientation event for pastors who are new to MCM
  • Developing, supporting and resourcing strong peer groups for pastors
  • Providing pastoral care to pastors
  • Being available as a “sounding board”/consultant to pastors
  • Planning learning and spiritual growth opportunities for pastors
  • Planning fellowship opportunities for pastors.
  • Administering the A.G. Neufeld Bursary fund and the Johan Funk Loan fund
  • Developing a special fund for pastoral support (education funds, counseling funds, special need funds
  • Create venues and opportunities for pastors to celebrate ministry

credentialing responsibilities

  • Establishing a standing credentials committee.
  • Teaching congregations and pastors the importance of and place of credentials
  • Working with Credentials Committee in each credentialing process (only the area conferences can grant credentials for ministry)
  • Maintaining credentials and those registered with Vital Statistics (record keeping)
  • Giving leadership in processing disciplinary situations (when pastors dishonor their calling / credentials)
  • Exploring and establishing required seminars for future granting of credentials

support for deacons, lay ministers and other lay leaders

  • Offering ongoing educational opportunities
  • Promoting existing educational options (offered by CMU, AMBS and others)
  • Discovering a “spiritual gift discernment process” that could be used by congregations

supervising chaplaincy programs

  • Providing overall leadership for hospital and university chaplaincy initiatives

and dreaming / envisioning other opportunities…