Media Ministry

MCM Recording Studio

  • What we currently do:
    • recording the Faith and Life Choirs for the radio ministry and CD production
    • recording and producing the Frohe Botschaft and Circle of God’s People
    • recording music from our Camp ministry
    • recording services to many outside groups for CDs and radio

Radio Program Production


  • What we currently do:
    • sharing diverse media (audio, video, animation, images) that will encourage people in their faith… hopefully also accessible to those who might not have faith at this point.
    • sharing resources that people can use in their daily faith work, or in their work in their congregations
    • stories of the work our congregations, members in our congregations, and MCM staff are undertaking which build the Kingdom of God and embody the MCM vision statement.
    • making the work, structure and business of being a Conference readily available to all
    • centralizing a MCM events calendar for MCM events and congregational events


  • What we currently do:
    • Camps with Meaning celebration and promotion videos
    • videos for information and inspiration
    • video blog with Kathy G.