Church Community Building

This ministry area brings together MCM’s significant administrative work with efforts at using a variety of media to communicate:

  • the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • MCM’s programs on behalf of the churches
  • the work of our churches

This ministry will hold four main functions:

1. Media Ministry

will take place in co-operation with the other ministries of MCM: Education, Leadership, and Evangelism and Service. All types of media will be utilized by MCM to share the Gospel on behalf of and in partnership with 48 constituency churches.

2. Community Building

will focus on the ministry work that draws us together as a worshipping and working community.

  • Faith and Life Choirs
  • Choir festivals/Sängerfests
  • Constituency wide or regional Celebration worship services
  • Congregational pairing
  • Delegate session planning

3. Communication and Promotion

will focus on the way we communicate the work we are doing with one another. These will be avenues through which we share the joys and details of the work we do in building the Kingdom of God together.

  • newsletters
  • posters, brochures, registration forms, yearbooks
  • announcements/bulletin announcements
  • media releases
  • Canadian Mennonite periodical

4. Administration

  • Office Services
  • Financial Services
  • General Administration
  • Facilities Management
  • Planned Giving