Vision, Mission,Values, Constitution

Mennonite Church Manitoba is a covenant community of Mennonite Church Canada congregations.


Our vision is to be a community of congregations unified in Jesus Christ, living a biblical Anabaptist faith, together presenting Jesus Christ to the world.

Our Vision is the ideal we want and hope to become. We see ourselves growing in size and faithfulness, and building up our community of churches. Our reason for being is our faith, lived and known and, specifically, articulated in the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective. As a community, we will strengthen each other and our member congregations, to follow Jesus Christ and present Him to all people.


Our mission is to resource and empower each other, and to facilitate spiritual growth, service and evangelism.

To fulfill our mission, we are committed to ministries such as:

  • proclaiming the gospel of Christ
  • promoting Christian education
  • planting and nurturing new congregations
  • dialoguing and working with congregations,
  • conferences and other denominations
  • fostering relationships of mutual accountability
  • calling, nurturing and providing leadership
  • planning joint worship and faith celebrations



  • MCM is a covenant community whose sense of togetherness flows from common vision, understanding of scripture and confession of faith. Our commitment is to be together and to grow closer in love without insisting on uniformity.

love, care and nurture

  • God’s message of love motivates us to nurture and care for others and each other.

mutual accountability

  • MCM and member congregations are accountable to each other in matters of doctrine and discipleship.



  • as a community and as individuals, we seek the will of God for the church through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by searching scripture, discerning the culture and the times in which we live, and waiting patiently for God’s revelation.


  • we encourage churches and their members to be obedient disciples of Christ, living holy and God-honouring lives.


  • we proclaim and witness to the good news of salvation in Christ, and God’s kingdom.

social concern

  • we reach out to, and walk with, needy people afflicted by poverty, conflict and injustice.


  • we believe that peace is the will of God, and that we are called to live and work as Christian peace-makers.


  • we embrace the biblical message about the management of all we are and have been given under God’s creation.

—as adopted at delegate meeting @ Bethel Church, June 17, 1998


Read the MCM Constitution: MCM Constitution and ByLaws.pdf