See below for answers to these questions

  1. What is a Mennonite?
  2. What does MCM actually do?
  3. What if I want to talk to someone about the programs or structures of MCM?
  4. What are “Congregational Representative and MCM Gathering Sessions”?

1. what is a mennonite?

MCM is a member of Mennonite Church Canada. They have a brief history of Mennonites in Canada. For a good historical survey on the origin of Mennonites in Canada, check theMennonite Historical Society’s pages. For a more in depth survey, check www.thirdway.com.

2.what does mcm actually do?

Well, it starts with who we are (a community of congregations) and the vision we hold in common and grows from there. To put a full, detailed list up of everything we do would be unwieldy, and very long.

Our work is divided into four main ministry areas. Please follow these links to get a basic sense of what each ministry might include.

3. what if i want to talk to someone about the programs or structures of mcm?

MCM staff are happy to talk to people about the programming, resourcing, and decision-making work we are engaged in on behalf of the constituent Churches. If the question is about a specific program, please contact the appropriate staff person by phone, mail or email. If you don’t know whom to contact, call the office at 204-896-1616, or use the email at the bottom of this page, and someone will be happy to direct you.

If you need to go “deeper”, questions may be directed to the Executive Director.
The other main avenue for comment, question and concern is the MCM Board of Directors (again, contact the MCM office for the Director who may represent you or be nearest to you).

The public forums for discussion and question are the constituent Churches and the Congregational Representative or Delegate Sessions (which anyone may attend).

4. what are “congregational representative and mcm gathering sessions”?

  • A “Congregational Representatives Session” is a public meeting of representatives from the constituent Churches of MCM. These meetings take place for the MCM board to share information with, or seek guidance from the MCM constituency. They are public in the sense that anyone may attend, and speak if there is an opportunity. These meetings may take place once or twice per year.
  • There are special “Congregational Delegate Sessions” at which decisions are made. (Yes, voting takes place.)
    1. The “MCM Gathering” (formerly and known as the Annual Delegate Sessions) is the yearly gathering of delegates from each church for the purpose of discussing and deciding on the larger directions MCM is taking. Only delegates may vote, but anyone may speak at this gathering.
    2. Special Delegate sessions may be called if significant decisions (like budget; major program shifts) need to be made before the “Annual Delegate Session”.