MCM Sr High Youth Retreat 2019 (photos)

From January 25-27, 45 high school students and sponsors gathered together from different churches at Camp Assisiniboia for a weekend of worship, learning, eating, and fun! Outside the air was crisp at -40 C, and yet the retreater’s spirits were warm and full of energy. All enjoyed a get to know you game of Walk-a-Mile, many played Broomball, while others snowshoed and had a bonfire. Cookies were baked, hot chocolate was consumed, and many games were played.

During worship, Paul Loewen, introduced the theme of Faith and Science. While keeping the Biblical stories in mind, Paul spoke about artificial intelligence in our present and future world. What humanity has been able to program and train robots and artificial intelligence algorithms to do is almost unbelievable and scary. Yet, there is hope for the future: with science, so much good is happening today and more can be done in the future. As Christians, we can use the Bible as our guide to help us learn how to navigate through this ever-changing technological world.

Selenna Wolfe
Retreat Director

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