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Marilyn Houser HammMarilyn Houser Hamm is a musician, teacher and lover of the Church. Writing music, leading congregational workshops on music in worship, editing hymnal and song collections (including the Mennonite World Conference Songbook, most recently) are all regular activities. Marilyn is a member of Altona Mennonite Church.

Love God, Love Each Other

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Brothers and Sisters of Mennonite Church,

The days that are before us, and the days of the coming Mennonite World Assembly, are perhaps like none other. What it means to be the church, what it means to be an Anabaptist faith community in our world is before us.  Who we are corporately, and how we are as a discerning people lies before us.  Such a time calls us to much needed prayer as congregations, as a community of believers.

Such a time calls us to seek the way of Jesus, and the words of Jesus.  Such a time calls us to seek the moving of the Spirit among us.  We cannot discern the time and Christ’s Spirit without the prayer that is needed to open our spirits and hearts to Christ’s leading.

The song that is offered to you with these links is sung prayer, and a way to pray for the coming time; a way to surround that time with prayer.  Its’ simplicity is merely a call to listen, to wait, to seek, and to walk in the way of Christ, the True Vine.  May a spirit of love bring us together as we pray, may wisdom speak through all that would hinder its voice, and may we come humbly before God to wait for the Spirit’s leading among us.  May we be brought to that place where we can be released to be a people who are agents of Christ’s peace, God’s healing,and wholeness in an unprecedented time.

Offered in Christ’s love,

Marilyn Houser Hamm

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2 Responses to Marilyn Houser Hamm Music

  1. David Alleman says:

    I am looking for worship music that praises God for freeing prisoners, healing the sick, caring for the widows and fatherless. My models are “I’ll praise my Maker” (2nd and 3rd verses) and “My soul is filled with joy” from Sing the Story. Psalms 146 is another. I have looked through the MWC song book (Thank you for all the work that must have gone into that) and found several that somewhat fit my narrow criteria: “My soul cries out” (36) and “Mountain of God” (49). Could you suggest others in this area or point me to sources of worship music that might fit my criteria? Thank you for considering this request. David Alleman, Harrisonburg, Va.

  2. Weldon Nisly says:

    Thanks Marilyn for this beautiful song for Mennonite World Conference and all God’s people! You are a gift and blessing to the Church in music and life.

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