Douglas Mennonite Church serves at Camp Assiniboia – Video and Story

Douglas Mennonite Church Young Adults decided to spend a week at Camp Assiniboia this spring. Their enthusiasm got tradespeople involved and turned it into an incredibly productive week. Please see Katharine Hogue’s article below.

Douglas Mennonite Church YASA at Camp Assinibioa from Mennonite Church Manitoba on Vimeo.

A Gift Handed Down

It is Sunday, April 28,2013, 7:30 p.m., and group of young adults from Douglas Mennonite Church are arriving at Camp Assiniboia with sleeping bags, suitcases and an unstoppable spirit to serve.  The Young Adult Service Adventure (aka YASA) has been in the planning for many months, and 2220 Lido Plage Road (aka Camp Assiniboia) is their destination.  When this eager assembly first approached Camp Assiniboia to explore the possibility of volunteering a week of service, it was an unexpected-yet-pleasant circumstance to consider.

The concept of joyful giving is not new to most members of this group.  Active serving is modeled by the church and fostered by families.  The YASA story illustrates how one doesn’t need to travel the globe to find places to serve.  There are opportunities right in your own ‘backyard’ – and fun too!  (Just look at their smiling faces!)

How does this gift handed to Camps with Meaning, impact the organization?

The encouraging message is that Mennonite Church Manitoba Camping Ministry continues to matter.  These experiences at Camp contribute to understanding the importance of giving.  When facilities fatigue and staff grow weary, an injection of enthusiasm and generosity is rejuvenating.  The most visual impact is the renovations themselves.  The Main Hall of Camp Assiniboia had 18 new windows installed that allow good airflow on warm summer days and tight seals to battle the winter winds.  Another undertaking was the bunk bed building bee that had the Camp shop buzzing with power tools of various shapes and sizes.  After the sawdust settled, 15 new bunk beds had taken shape.  A shape that a 6 food individual will appreciate.

The legacy left by Douglas Mennonite Church’s week at Camp Assiniboia will be enjoyed by guests year round for years to come.  YASA made an extraordinary difference to Camp Assiniboia and their Ministry.

The next chapter of this story will include a new cabin being built this spring.  The new cabin will be named Douglas Fir, and has been made possible, as a result of generous donors, and tradespeople from Douglas Mennonite Church, coming forward with gifts of financial and hands on resources.  The story continues…………..

– Katherine Hogue, Guest Group Coordinator, on behalf of Camp Assiniboia

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  1. Jake Harms says:

    Very, very inspiring. As a member of the DMC I feel proud of all these energetic workers. Were my energy level equal to my desire to be involved, I would have been part of this inspiring group. Thanks to all of you

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