SoT#2 The Divine Order

The first question in the old Catechism was: “What should be our chief aim in life?”  Answer: “To live in God’s fellowship, enjoy His favour, and obtain eternal happiness hereafter.”

These devotional vignettes will invite reflection on what it might mean to live life under God.

As we contemplate our place in this fascinating reality which we call life, we will consider it from the perspective of the three level Divine Order: God/Persons/Creation.  In brief that means that God is First and most important; that humankind occupies the second level; which means that we are under God; and the third level is the created order – the rest of creation.

We will contemplate the Highest, and seek to meet the God of the Holy Scriptures.  How can we think about God in a way that will be helpful, freeing, joyful, and life-giving?  What kind of a response would this kind of search call for; and what kind of a relationship could develop?

The second level deals with people: you and I.   Who are we as members and partners in the human race?  Probably the strongest reality we are aware of in daily living is the presence of others.  Who are these others, so much like ourselves and yet so different?  What claim do they have on us?  Why do they have so powerful an effect on us?  We can’t live without them it seems; so how should we live with or beside them?  How is it that differentness among people is so unsettling, or even scary?   Why do we feed some of them and shoot others?  How do love and hate flow in and out of these relationships?

In thinking about the third level we will attempt to understand more adequately how to live with, and in, the created order.  The basic component there is the physical universe with its wonderful predictability, and its, at times, fearful unpredictability.  But the third level also includes that which humans have created.  Life is lived in this arena made up not only of that which we call nature or environment, but also cultures, forces, philosophies, laws and mores; and that which St. Paul referred to as “principalities and powers”, or as the NRSV translates it: “the cosmic powers of this present darkness… the spiritual forces of evil.” [Eph. 6:12].  Where did those come from?

Was the psalmist right [Psalm 8], when he said that God gave humankind dominion, and put all things under our feet?  How do we live amidst all of that?

Life truly is an exciting odyssey.  The renewing of the mind with the promise of transformation [Romans 12:2] is worth the trip.

“O send out your light and your truth; let them lead me…” [Psalm 43:3]

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